Laham Lounge

Laham Lounge is tailored to suit the exquisite taste of the elite crowd, serving you delectable cuisines from the Middle East and many more rich cultures. We present you tantalizing food that will tickle your taste buds! Arabian Mandi being our specialty, is crisp and succulent to the bite with a smoky under taste and is one of the crowd’s favourite. All locally sourced fresh produce is used which makes our food a little more special!

Fine Dining

Laham Lounge excels at fine dining. From the decor, ambiance to the food, everything is pure class. This is perfect for the family and friends to satisfy your taste buds from our diverse menu of Arabic, Pakistani, Thai & Chinese cuisines.

Roof Top

The Roof Top is one of the best kept secrets of Laham Lounge with great views that compliments the food. You not only get to enjoy the weather and the view but also the scrumptious Live BBQ. It’s one of the best places for group dining and private gathering.

Arabic Cuisine

Laham Lounge is the perfect destination after a long day in the hustle of the city, to unwind, relax and enjoy the authentic Arabic Cuisine specially mandi. Order Online

BBQ and Pakistani Foods

Laham Lounge brings the splendid taste of the BBQ just about anywhere.


Laham Lounge presents a range of Pakistani cuisines such as spicy BBQ and authentic Karahi. Besides, we serve a range of Pakistani dishes to make your  dining experience sumptous and unforgetable.

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Seafood & Steaks

Laham Lounge offers some of the best seafood in Pakistan, Where we serve Fresh River Fish and Prawns. Grilled and baked fish of many varieties being our specialties.

We’re entirely known for our delectable selection and mastery over the art of creating perfect steaks. We offer variety of extraordinary, melt-on-the-tongue steak, cooked over grill with unrivaled sweetness and tenderness. Order Online


Laham Lounge brings the heart of Thailand to Pakistan, presenting the finest Thai cuisine made from traditional ingredients perfectly blended together to create an elegant and marvelous sour and spicy taste.

Order on No. 0300 0341022


Shawarmas’ have always been scrumptious & a very-favorite holding snack for every one of us! Marinated meat that is slowly spit-roasted on a rotating skewer at very high temperatures allowing for the meat to cook in its own fat and gain an unparalleled succulence. At Laham Lounge, we are offering the taste-full and large variety of Shawarmas including Chicken Shawarma and Shawarma Platter.

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